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Piltown Community Enterprise was established in 1987. The original committee Chaired by John O'Shea was a cross section of Piltown Parish and over the years countless people from the parish and beyond have served as committee members. Others have helped in many many  different way and PCE are indebted to all those and are truly grateful.


Piltown Community Enterprise Ltd is a not for profit company whose directors are drawn from other organisations and businesses within the community. They offer their time freely and willingly to promote and develop a culture of enterprise in our community and creating jobs within the parish of Piltown. They also act as a driving force to stimulate an enterprise culture by providing support, facilities, infrastructure, and the environment  to encourage business development.

Since it's foundation PCE has completed numerous projects and facilitated  many others.

Among the most successful projects were the establishment of the Fiddown Enterprise Centre and acquiring the derelict old creamery building in Piltown village which has become The Old Creamery Enterprise Centre. It is now an important element of the industrial heritage of the parish and the chimney presents an elegant landmark punctuating the skyline and recognising its industrial past.

 The building had fallen into disrepair but recognising it's significance to the parish, PCE transformed it into an incubation centre for new businesses. The construction of the business centre was completed in February 2019 and consists of 5,580 sq,  made up of 5 well-designed modern business units of various sizes.

Like most voluntary community organisations PCE depend on volunteers to further the work and are always looking for volunteers so  please use the contact form to get in touch.

The present committee is:

Chairman; Eddie Blackmore*, Vice Chairman; Stephen Cummins, Secretary; Mary Morgan, Assistant Secretary; Ruth Meade, Treasurer; Anne Marie Power,

John Maher*, Alan Commins, Eamon Meade*, Martin Gannon, Dan Kenny, Mark Connolly, Philip Walsh, Gerri Hickey.

* denotes founder member

Over the years some of the most notable projects were:

Fiddown Enterprise Centre

Among the successful projects was the establishment of the Fiddown Enterprise Centre in 1988. This centre provided a starting point for a number of now thriving businesses.

The centre was  acquired by T. Butler Engineering as their successful business expanded and they required more space.

After this sale, PCE acquired the old creamery building in Piltown village, where they developed the Old Creamery Enterprise Centre.


Old Creamery Enterprise Centre

THE Old Creamery Enterprise Centre was completed in February 2019 on the site of the derelict buildings. It retains the original chimney stack, a reminder of how power was generated in other times.

The centre  consists of 5,580 sq. ft of space for the creation of jobs in the locality. It comprises of five units of various sizes  designed to assist the development of business start-ups.

HNOV7217 b.jpg

The Market House Hub


The building is currently being renovated and is scheduled for completion in late Summer of this year. It will house a modern Remote Working
Hub as well as a Garda Office.

Upon completion, the Hub will feature hot desks, designated desks, and several offices, all available at attractive rates.

The project will be managed by Piltown Community Enterprise.


  Please complete the

   Expression Of Interest form here

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